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If you live in a listed or period building, you need building work to maintain the traditional look. M.D.Mills are specialists in listed building restoration. We preserve the style that makes your home so special.

Style never goes out of fashion


Your home is listed because it has historical importance. It represents a tradition. We keep to traditional building methods whenever we undertake listed building alteration or repairs. Our work will blend in seamlessly.

Tradition is important to you and to us

 •  Traditional materials used

 •  Thatching

 •  Wattle and daub

 •  Locally sourced materials

 •  Oak beams and frames

 •  Traditional skills kept alive


Priory Cottage, Edwardstone suffered extensive fire damage. We were given the job of reconstructing and repairing the listed building. Priory Cottage was restored to its former beauty, on time and on budget.

We use traditional methods for exceptional results

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Attention to detail

Priory Cottage

Listed buildings are often old. That's their charm. Your listed building will need special care and attention. We are experts in period building restoration and maintenance. Our skilled workmen have the delicate touch that's needed.

Love and attention for your listed building

Thatching cottage